Leadership Program

La Raza Youth Leadership Program will provide Latino high school students, grades 10 -12, an opportunity to achieve their full leadership potential by participating in an intensive leadership program.

The mission of La Raza Youth Leadership Program is to empower Latino youth to achieve their educational and leadership potential and instill the desire to give back to the Latino Community.

La Raza Youth Leadership Program believes in social justice, quality education, human rights, environmental justice worldwide and the advancement of the Latino community. The Program welcomes and encourages differing philosophical views to promote the learning experience.

The goals for the Program include:

  • Providing in-depth training on leadership for Latino high school students
  • Providing information and insight into current issues facing the Latino community
  • Introducing the Program participants to current Latino Leaders
  • Promoting and facilitating access to higher education
  • Creating a forum for a higher education mentor program for high school seniors
  • Examining and developing a historical understanding of Latino cultural life and struggles in the United States
  • Introducing participants to a variety of leadership theories, styles, and techniques

Thirty participants will be selected through a competitive process. Participants will attend eight sessions of leadership workshops, which will be held every two weeks on Saturdays, beginning January 5, 2013 and ending May 11, 2013. A light breakfast, lunch, and healthy snacks will be provided each session. For more information contact Ara Cruz or Jenny Santos via email at program@larazayouth.org